Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams

It's so sincere rock record that in its naturalness it even sounds a little archaic and naive to...

A former member of American rock band Whiskeytown, which began in the year 2000, works tirelessly to go up the Hill. The new album, titled simply "Ryan Adams" (any other title, according to the musician, sounded pretentious, like King Crimson, and insincere), became the fourteenth edition. The first track from it, Gimme Something Good is nominated for Grammy Awards for best rock song.

Ryan Adams himself acted as the producer of the disc recorded in their own Studio analog PAX AM. He also wrote all the words and all of the music for the record. According to the musician, it was important to appear on the album itself, because it is "too old to show off in front of someone and pretending the person is not in fact". The songs, in fact, are quite sincere and simple, without any embellishments for the sake of frills. It is easy to imagine, as Ryan composed them, fingering the strings of his guitar and trying different chords. It's so sincere rock record that in its naturalness it even sounds a little naive and archaic: zero narcissism and worries about how it would look from the outside.

Although this is a 100% rock, the songs from the new album Ryan Adams many lyrical moments, and overall sound did not hurt its rigidity the ears of listeners.

The lack of truly fresh ideas musician compensates for naturalness and accuracy like a restrained arrangements. Also nominated in the Grammy Awards of the first composition, it is possible to recommend the song Am I Safe. And in songs by Kim and Feels Like Fire guitar performed by none other than Johnny Depp. It is recommended for listening to all the fans of melodic guitar rock music.

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Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams

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