New album Gold: he likes more and more with each new listening....

German band Camouflage, since 1983 the year already has acquired the status of legends synthpop. And now for her fans was a sweet moment: new album Greyscale became the first Studio project group for eight years. The musicians worked on it for four years.

What we hear on the Greyscale? First of all, signature sound Camouflage, been subjected to fire, water and copper pipes, as well as the experience of thirty years of career, its ups and downs. But the German Titans synth-pop was not turned into a living monument to themselves, they are keen to open new horizons in their work and care about the relevance of the playing time. Perhaps that's why the Greyscale is the album that will appeal to all. There are beautiful melodies, thoughtful and romantic vocals, hypnotic beats and synthesizer parts and branded the melancholy sprinkled a generous hand on all without exception tracks.

Speaking about individual tracks from the album, you need to mention the opening drive the song Shine, released earlier as a single. Count on Me song recorded by Peter Heppnera from Wolfsheim.

And Misery with a "hard" dance rhythm is created with a clear view to the charts and dancefloors. The instrumental track, Light Grey and Dark Grey perfectly fits into the overall landscape texture, adding the entire project conceptuality. And maybe the best song in the best traditions of Camouflage, the final album I'll Find serious lyrics and appropriate pathos in the cinematic spirit. It cannot be denied: Samouflage successfully returned to its listeners, you might say, managed to enter into the same water twice. And their new album also has a dignity peculiar to the musical works of high quality only: love it more and more with each new listening.

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