Return To Forever

Released on the album songs are beautifully decorated guitar sound and vocals, Klaus remains the same...

Scorpions, this group - the legend, which was collected in the year 1965. The group is popular not only in their home country of Germany, but worldwide, its long-recognized world rock legend. The style in which the band plays, it's like classic rock and lyrical ballads. Group members: Rudolf Schenker - guitarist and composer Klaus Meine - lead singer, the lyricist, guitarist Matthias JABs, James Kottak - drums, Paul Mončivoda - bass guitarist.

The Group has a certain style that grabs the listener, and led the group to the popularity that we see. Nice and melodic vocals with guitar solo, as well as powerful and explosive guitar inlays.

Until 1979, the group making the confusion, someone come, someone was leaving. The albums were recorded, the popularity grew, and by the end of the year band finally has a fully. It is as we see it now, and recorded their first 7 album. On account of this rock group 20 (the last album of the year 2015) Studio albums, 6 live albums. The hallmark of this group considered the album Animal Magnetism, because he was so lively and bright, that it was the best place in the world and tops the charts.

The unit participated and participates in many festivals, concerts and so on. No matter how many albums not released any favorite band, they are always a little.

In 2015, the band Scorpions presented release Return to Forever. The album includes 12 songs. The song totally matches the style of the group. It sometimes seems that only the names change in the album, the songs are so similar. Including the year 2015, the new album you as if you turn on the album the Scorpions, but not new, and one of the first. This is the beauty of this group, they remain stable and give the listener the music he wants to hear. Songs on the album, beautifully decorated guitar sound and vocals, Klaus, remains unchanged.

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Return To Forever

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