Codex Atlanticus

Excellent work for fans of the genre and not only...

Serenity was released in light of the new studio work, which has received the name Codex Atlanticus. Longplay consists of 14 songs that came out on the famous label Napalm Records on January 29.

Today, dear lovers of quality music, I want to tell you about a wonderful musical collective from Austria, who in his work combines styles such as progressive metal, power metal, symphonic metal. Fresh plate guys took fifth position in their own discography.

First of all, it is worth noting that if you're a fan of old school or melodic, with the lion's share of outrageousness and epic metal, new work from Serenity definitely appeals to you.

Tall and really beautiful vocals, fast paced songs and enough meticulously elaborated instrumental, takes you literally in the middle ages with its grim atmosphere and bloody battles. There on the Codex Atlanticus and without classical ballads, which are styles where do Serenity. Of these songs, perhaps it is worth mentioning the track The Perfect Woman. Well, for a starter, the Austrians have prepared their sophisticated listener song called My Final Chapter in the orchestral treatment.

Only a high level of professionalism of musicians allowed Serenity create studio work, which touches its audience from the first notes and doesn't let go until the final track. Excellent work for fans of the genre and not only.

03.02.2016 10:08:14

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Codex Atlanticus

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