Just Crazy Enough

SHEL will delight all lovers of dissent...

SHEL released a new longplay, entitled Just Crazy Enough. The album was released on May 27 at Dave Stewart Entertainment and consists of 10 songs.

We will hold a small digression into the history, stating that SHEL young American music team, which consists of four sisters, each of whom plays an instrument. As far as genre aspect, everything is brain-dead simple, but very tasty. Just Crazy Enough is a mixture of pop and indie folk music.

Just Crazy Enough has a lighthearted and ironic sound, which extends almost throughout the longplee. For acquaintance with a new studio recording of SHEL, you will be able to hear such non-standard and rare musical instruments like banjo, cello, that particularly pronounced on Lost as Anyone, fiddle and not only. The instrumental part is Just Crazy Enough truly rich and unique, and vocals with his minimalist touches adds fullness of sound the fresh LP from American sisters.

SHEL will delight all lovers of dissent, as well as true connoisseurs of this musical art. The abundant wealth of the musical spectrum, good sound, nice arrangement and a fresh look at outdated ideas makes Just Crazy Enough stunning collection of musical bliss for every fan. Quite an unusual work, which confidently declares itself. Pleasant listening!

07.06.2016 14:22:24

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Just Crazy Enough

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