Silent Knight
Conquer & Command

Combining the finesse and speed the aggression...

Silent Knight released a fresh album, which received the name of Command & Conquer. The album was released on November 9 and includes 10 tracks, which took place on his own label collective.

The Silent Knight is a musical formation, which no doubt breathed new life into musical genres such as heavy metal and power metal, which itself and working musicians. Australian gang with the first notes of the album opens composition demonstrate their professionalism both in material terms and in a production that deserves respect for what musicians independently recorded their latest disc Conquer & Command.

Majestic fanfare magnificent passages will not let you get bored over absolutely all the songs, especially if you're the undisputed fan above styles. Combining sophistication and speedy aggression, Silent Knight if not set new borders in a style that is definitely doing his thing at the level of such legendary bands like Blind Guardian, Iced Earth and Iron Maiden fans.

While exploring the Conquer and Command will never have the desire or track its scroll switch, Silent Knight made deserving your attention. In a fresh disc concentrated literally all the best thing that has happened in the genres. Silent Knight is one of the few bands that at a decent level continue to create already have enough time to become a classic music in the world.

09.12.2015 16:33:34

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Silent Knight
Conquer & Command

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