Silent Planet
Everything Was Sound

If you want to hear something unusual...

Silent Planet released their latest studio album called Everything Was Sound. Longplay released 1 July on Solid State Records, and consists of 13 songs.

For American gangs from Los Angeles Everything Was Sound became the second full-fledged work in the discography. A series of numerous lineup changes finally came to its end, and well-established team released really something fresh and new.

It is interesting to note that the stylistic boundaries of the second LP Silent Planet, comparable with the firstborn were seriously expanded such genres as post-hardcore and progressive metalcore. The company styles joined the main terminal of the Silent Planet, which is post-metal. In fact, all so that the fresh compositions have the atmosphere of the original post-metal, but the riffs and vocals themselves can be safely attributed to the metalcore school. It is worth saying that the fate of the clean vocals are not spared and Everything Was Sound, that in General serious varied record.

If you want to hear something unusual, not fundamentally similar to many metal-commands, it is highly recommended to familiarize themselves with fresh work Everything Was Sound from American musicians of the Silent Planet. Longplay turned out to be very interesting and original, which appeal to many. Pleasant listening!

22.08.2016 10:27:23

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Silent Planet
Everything Was Sound

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