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Material with current pop-sounding, without betraying the conquest of his "golden age" of...

Heroes of stadium rock of the eighties, the Scottish band Simple Minds, often performed in conjunction with other rock stars, the Pretenders. This was no accident: leaders and singers from these teams, Jim Kerr and Chrissie Hynde were husband and wife. Although the marriage ended many years ago, in 2014, the analogy continued: Chrissie Hynde unexpectedly released a solo album, Stokholm, and Simple Minds after several years of silence from afar the Big Music.

Perhaps those who will call this album pop music would be absolutely right. Simple Minds managed to pass along the thin edge of a material with current pop-sounding, without betraying the conquest of his "golden age". Appropriate synthesizers, monotonous, but clear drum parts and powerful, albeit having vocals Jim Kerr, a bit reminiscent of a tired David Bowie. Of the songs on the album are Blindfolded and Big Music, as well as a cover of Let the Day Begin, used in the presidential campaign of Al Gore in the year 2000. In the "Deluxe" edition of the Big Music includes two covers of rock classics: Riders on the Storm by the Doors and Dancing Barefoot Patti Smith made a Simple Minds-style. Exit plate failed to cause a sensation in the charts. Even in his native Scotland Big Music failed to rise above the 9th place.

In the English charts its highest achievement was the twelfth place. Speaking frankly, the album is unlikely to be interested in a new generation of music lovers who are not familiar with Simple Minds and other heroes of the era, which, let's face it, already belongs to the past. But their Big Music lovers will not be disappointed-the overall quality of the music production is at the proper level.

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Simple Minds
Big Music

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