A Woman's Tale

The disc was preparing for a long time, that is felt in every detail...

Siska released a new album, called A woman's Tale. Longplay was released 23 September at VLB Recordings and consists of 12 songs.

Despite the fact that the creative path of Hungarian performers began back in the late 90's, is only now released his debut solo siska full-scale work, which definitely have something to marvel at.

A tale of a woman, if you talk about instrumental and overall orientation, recalls a mix consisting of downtempo, electronic with elements of pop and of course hip-hop/rap. Delicate and fascinating voice of the siska so blends perfectly with the music that it is amazing how this is at all possible. The disc was preparing for a long time and it is clearly audible, it is felt in every detail, in every detail. In addition, A woman's Tale was attended by Ahmad Raashan, Charles X and Akua Naru.

Herself-performer honors the roots from which she in particular and the beginning of his career. On the disc perfectly intertwined and hip hop, and Electronica and this whole thing even sometimes breaks down whether r'n'b, or pop. in general, the instrumental will satisfy everyone, even the highest requirements from music fans. The material is easy with playful touches, without excessive pathos and noise.

A woman's Tale of siska definitely would be appropriate for you if you appreciate not just quality music, but also to greet various musical symbiots and original performing lunges. Pleasant listening!

11.11.2016 12:57:59
Genres: Pop, R'n'B, Downtempo

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A Woman's Tale

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