Insane Love

The album was influenced by various stars of the world scale...

Sistar released a new studio work, which was called Insane Love. The album was released on 21 June, Loen Entertainment Inc. and contains 7 songs.

For South Korean musical Quartet Sistar, Insane Love became the fourth album for all career groups. It is interesting to note that the Insane Love is made in format EP, as it included all 7 fresh songs.

Insane Love your mood and atmosphere resembles a real Asian holiday. The album is quite positive, as befits a style group. By the way, a few words about it. Insane Love is a mix of k-pop and r'n'b. When listening to the fourth plate of Sistar are having mixed impressions. On the one hand, this is a fairly typical Love Insane South Korean pop music, but from the fields of Insane Love blows as something more westernized. Uniquely, we can say that the new Sistar album was influenced by various star r'n'b on a global scale. Most of the time, this is hidden behind the curtain of a typical k-pop, but sometimes the indirect impact still felt quite bright.

If you like oriental culture and sincere sympathy to you experience such music, the latest album titled Insane Love of collective will unequivocally Sistar to taste. Quality work for loyal fans. Pleasant listening!

08.08.2016 10:42:12
Genres: Pop, R'n'B, K-Pop

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Insane Love

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