Prayers For the Damned

Great job to all admirers of contemporary rock...

Sixx:A.M., released a new studio disc called Prayers For the Damned. Longplay was released on Eleven Seven Music on April 29 and has 11 fresh songs.

To begin, we would like to point out that Sixx: A.M. is the team, which was founded by Nikki Sixx, former bassist for Motley Crue. For Sixx:A.M. Prayers For the Damned became the fourth studio album, but it's not all the interesting news. Prayers For the Damned opens for group era of conceptual albums and this release was released labeled vol. 1, which indirectly us hints about what is around the corner and the continuation of fresh militants.

Stylistically, Prayers For the Damned is a model example of how to mix genres such as hard rock and alternative metal. It is very difficult to talk about studio disc, eminent team when inside the album solid hits. Prayers For the Damned meets us literally insane track called Rise. It is followed by at least hit work You Have Come to the Right Place. Be ready, that the further you get into the bowels of the fourth LP by the American team, the more you will be overwhelmed by the catchy motifs. Pleasant and perhaps the capital chip plates is that absolutely every chorus any song just sits in the head. From that it is extremely difficult to distinguish the main tracks and work average hues.

Prayers For the Damned by Sixx: A.M. boldly earns top five for his straightforwardness, quality and pressure. Great job to all admirers of contemporary rock.

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Prayers For the Damned

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