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You are absolutely abstraction from the world...

Skaei published its new studio brainchild, which was called Off on World Music. The album was released on April 21 Sugapop Records and consists of 30 tracks.

One of the few contemporary electronic artists, who can at least bring us mentally to the summer mood Skaei pleased all fans on World Music album Off. When we first met with longplay number of compositions included fact scares, but it's worth noting that many songs are repeated throughout the album, but in different interpretations and views, in other words - the remixes. Nice to see the Music on World Off what the musician took care of all listeners. On longplay there are radio format mixes, and classic and all that just might provide.

Music Skaei have stayed the same, highly professional level. His latest work, the author himself recommends as guru deep house and chill-out formats. The Music on the World Off there still were thought arrangements, left fuse main melodies of songs, there are also balanced and cool as the previous studio work of the same name.

An interesting feature of World Music on Off, and the Skaei is that throughout the album is not raised the slightest desire to switch track or scatter it on the half-lajnu. Missouri name speaks for itself-including album, you are absolutely abstraction from the world and unforgiving fluides electronic music from Skaei.

1. Fly with Me (03:40)
2. Can't Give Up (03:38)
3. Into the Blue (03:46)
4. Way Back Home (03:34)
5. Give Me Your Love (03:40)
6. Have It All (03:52)
7. Happy Ending (03:46)
8. Tonight (03:39)
9. Green Light (03:44)
10. Can You Feel It (03:59)
11. Space Tourist (03:57)
12. Black Mamba (03:52)
13. Can You Feel It (04:48)
14. Have It All (03:55)
15. Into the Blue (03:55)
16. Fly with Me (05:55)
17. Can't Give Up (05:38)
18. Space Tourist (07:46)
19. Into the Blue (05:47)
20. Way Back Home (05:46)
21. Give Me Your Love (05:47)
22. Have It All (06:07)
23. Happy Ending (05:43)
24. Green Light (06:15)
25. Can You Feel It (05:38)
26. Black Mamba (05:35)
27. Tonight (05:28)
28. Into the Blue (06:14)
29. Have It All (05:57)
30. Can You Feel It (06:22)
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Music on World Off

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