Konnichiwa thoroughly permeated by the idea and zero years atmosphere...

Skepta released his new longplay, whose name Konnichiwa. The album consists of 12 tracks, Boy Better Know retired on May 6.

The Chief Representative of the British hip-hop/rap scene and known grime artist Skepta - this spring has pleased all fans of lightning turnip its fourth full-length album.

Five years without longplays were enough for the sincere languorous grime fans, a few mixtapes brightened up waiting for something completely new. Konnichiwa, you can frankly can be called a jewel in its style, so nobody filed grime as made it 33-year old guy releases. 12 excellent compositions are not only solo performance of Joseph Adenuga, but also such artists as BBK, Jme and even the Pharrell Williams.

Warmed-up excitement around the Konnichiwa for many months was not in vain. There are about than listen to and something to talk about. The standard lyric piece for Skepta, excellent instrumental component makes fresh fourth longplay author favorite any self-respecting fan of hip-hop/rap.

Konnichiwa thoroughly permeated by the idea and the atmosphere of zero and those underground mood of British streets, which was in those days, except for modern sound.

Konnichiwa from Skepta definitely deserves your attention, even if you are not an outspoken fan of hip-hop/rap music. Pleasant listening!

11.05.2016 10:24:29

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