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Skillet released its new studio disc, which was called Unleashed. Longplay was released 5 August at the Atlantic Recordings and has 12 tracks.

An American team this year, in honor of its own 20-year anniversary has released a commemorative 10-th studio disc titled Unleashed. Throughout the summer the interest of fans and listeners was fuelled by the release of singles, which ultimately left only two, namely Feel Invincible and Stars. It is interesting to note that Feel Invincible not only hit the Unleashed, but undertook to open fresh longplay team.

Among fresh manned 12 songs is not enough hits and Frank innovations. To first safely attributed previously released track Feel Invincible, Out Of Hell, Stars and many others. Uncharacteristic for the band's compositions were songs such as Stars and Famous overflowing electronic component that had not previously been so clearly observed in the works Skillet.

In general, Unleashed and extremely quick sweeps is a familiar music mix consisting of hard rock and christian metal.

Skillet released an excellent studio disc, which deserves your attention. Atmosphere at Unleashed will get you acquainted firsthand. Excellent top quality album ready to be heard. Pleasant listening!

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