Take Control

The album embodies all the cultural heritage of punk music...

Slaves released its new studio disc, which was called Take Control. Longplay was released 30 September on Virgin EMI Records and consists of 16 songs.

It is time when the sensational english duo introduced the world to his second full-scale work. Slaves have not had no chance to slack on the part of the critics and fans, and therefore had no choice but to just beat exactly on target.

Take Control meets us composition entitled Spit it Out, which sets the bar for developments on longplay. It is interesting to note that the Slaves were not a departure from the musical predecessor conceptuality nor sound, which remained fairly raw, nor from the stylistics. Incidentally, the genre aspects of the album look like a mix of punk and hardcore punk.

Tracks included the second full-scale work were so disparate, how duo allowed their musical preferences. Don't expect Take Control any revelations, ballads and lyrics. Take Control - it's almost uncompromising record, which fully embodies the entire cultural heritage of punk music. There were, of course, and without branded Slaves chips, but without them anywhere.

Take Control keeps and doesn't let go until the very end. The work came out really challenge your attention and time. If you love old school punk from young musicians with a graceful British approach, Take Control of the Slaves should you like the look. Pleasant listening!

07.11.2016 14:43:12

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Take Control

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