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Longplay was released generally amusing...

Snoop Dogg released new longplay, who was named COOLAID. The album was released on July 1 Doggy Style Records and has 20 songs.

Composer, performer, actor and just famous Snoop Dogg released a new work, which took 14 place in the discography of the musician. After last year's Bush plates, the essence of which was quite predictable and boring, the musician decided to quickly rehabilitate. Act noble and very justifiable, but as is the case in reality?

Snoop Dogg perfectly understands what's going on in the world of contemporary hip-hop/rap and therefore arises a desire to, they say, but why would I not do so. As a result from the first track of the new COOLAID we can hear more than a trendy and contemporary bits with obvious trap. Tricky blow for the listener will serve as the succeeding track Ten Toes Down, which is the complete opposite of Legend. The song absolutely usual for Snoop Dogg in all respects, from bit to reading.

Also it should be noted that the recording took part musicians such COOLAID as Wiz Khalifa, Too Short, Swizz Beatz and others.

Longplay is quite voluminous, but boring. The author has failed to sufficiently diversify such number of tracks even small changes in the music, and the overall contrast of songs and lots of fitov. In general, however, came out and deserving of great longplay.

13.08.2016 16:30:09
Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap, Trap

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