Sonata Arctica
The Ninth Hour

The tracks run on for a long time already existing template...

The Ninth Hour became the new album for the band Sonata Arctica. The album consists of 12 songs, which took place on 7 October on Nuclear Blast.

For the Finnish team, The Ninth Hour was the eighth studio album, on which musicians have demonstrated their own stagnation.

The Ninth Hour can be called the most boring studio album in the history of the group. On longplee there are no every creative impulses, all tracks performed on already long existing template. Unfortunately, at The Ninth Hour you won't hear no new arrangements, nor any experiments with anything. Justify the disc, even no matter how anxious will not come out. For 62 minutes that lasts, you can keep the album far more than once. Unfortunately, the disc looks like one very protracted and dull track.

Of course, fans of the team and the fans of power metal, symphonic metal, with timid elements of progressive metal, The Ninth Hour liking, but we have to admit that the best albums by Sonata Arctica irrevocably left behind and eaten by the river of time which inexorably runs and erases all previous achievements in the dust, leaving only memories. Actually, Sonata Arctica will be able to bounce back pretty quickly, releasing their debut album, which will be at least a little better than The Ninth Hour, in ideological terms, as long as that plate can be recommended only to fans of the group. Pleasant listening!

06.12.2016 18:11:02

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Sonata Arctica
The Ninth Hour

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