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Updated styling incredibly to face...

Sonic Syndicate released a fresh release titled Confessions. The album saw the light of day 14 October on Despotz Records and has 12 tracks.

I want to start with what it is with the eponymous songs musicians and decided to open his latest work, which became the sixth gang in discographies. Interestingly, the famous musical formation sharply enough to absolutely all decided to change its stylistic focus and modernovomu replaced by the melodic death metal fusion alternative rock has come and electronic. Many predicted something similar, because partial facilitate sound from album to album, but that nobody was expecting.

That new 12 songs are presented in the best traditions of the genre. The song, starting with the capital of the eponymous compositions attracted the attention of interesting enough, but places commonplace electronic arrangements. The main emphasis of the active compose Swedes, was placed on simplicity, but maximum hits all the reefs, not only those who went straight to the chorus portion of the track.

Sonic Syndicate on trial for such a sin and pointless, yes many fans of primary ways Swedes may not like crazy innovations, but must be approached objectively to the question. Updated styling incredibly to face Swedish team, besides it is alternative rock, the new album shows, the guys feel comfortable and here they can further open up as the band more than anywhere else. Pleasant listening!

10.12.2016 17:42:13

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Sonic Syndicate

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