Soulja Boy

Fans of rapper in the near future will not be bored to...

Untethered Solja Boy, rapper, again gave rise to fans perešeptyvat′sâ the corners, new album-Loyalty. The rapper also aggressive and energetic and vital concerns of the artist still not many, they can count on the fingers of one hand. It's about money, alcohol and get-togethers. Artist appears before the audience by a child who has reached all its efforts. In confirmation of this, you should listen to the lyrics: "Move But The Money, Hurricane and Og Gas.

The tracks are quite different from each other. Intricate pančlajny, accompanied by "juicy" bits are changed tracks, plan Designer, the avtotûnovyj chant the names of songs sounds throughout the audio tracks.

To work, this time, only 2 were invited artist: Rich the Kid and Wankaego.

It should be recalled that it is the 4-th consecutive Studio album Soldža fight. Guy, literally, "stamps" tracks, and releases, as evidenced by his wild performance (who else can produce 5 release per year?) and, interestingly, the amount of material is not at the expense of quality. This means that fans of the rapper soon will not be bored.

12.02.2015 01:56:03
Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap, Bass

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Soulja Boy

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