In the album there are traditional "hymns" and more amusing gizmos of...

With the release of their first album in March 1994, Soundgarden won a firm place on the rock scene, not only in the United States, but around the world. Having survived over the years as the ups and downs, the cult for many fans of rock music group released the long awaited album with the intriguing name Superunknown.

For more than 20-year career, many critics accused the Group Soundgarden in "fall from the pedestal of rock music. Many fans were disappointed in the sound team, selected in the late 2000s, the accusing garage-rock, Soundgarden in "opopsenii". This account can be different opinions, but that between meaning and sound of the songs of the 1990s and the end of end of Soundgarden 2000s, huge gap is a fact.

Sounding a softer but more professional than in the 90-ies. Superunknown continues the tradition set by the previous two albums, forcing the audience to plunge into atmosphere of melodic rock sample of "old school". In the album there are stadium seats "as traditional hymns"-"The Day I Tried to Live", "Fell on Black Days", "My Wave", and the more amusing gizmos themselves in myself, "for example," Spoonman "is a musician who plays the spoons. The age 30 + fans who listened to Soundgarden in their "hairy" times at once is to miss the modernized rock ballads "Mailman" and "Limo Wreck", and move to a more classic, slightly absurd compositions "Half".

Superunknown is an album that focuses on both the young and the old "audience of Soundgarden. Every fan or a new listener will be able to find this album interesting, so the release is recommended for listening to everything.

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