System of Power

Enough musical and melodic album...

System of Power became the new studio album Stamina, which was released on February 24 at the Pride & Joy Music. The album includes 8 songs.

Today ardent Hello to all of you passes Italian music Banda Stamina, which recently released its third longplay. Fresh studio work is suffused with southern flair and liking power metal fans and not only. The basis for the musicians took power metal, which seriously diluted intense progressive metal, which from track to track makes itself felt all the more significant.

Despite this, the System of Power turned out to be quite musical and melodic album, although notes moderate aggression on the disc, though take away. The musicians argue that were inspired by Stratovarius, Europe and Y.J. Malmsteen's, so fans should appreciate.

The voice of the singer fits into the musical event that takes place in the System of Power. Additionally I would like to say that there is no vocal excess of pathos, what is the difference between similar bands in the genre. Well, in addition to the above, note that on longplee you can hear not only as guitar solos, but also keyboards.

Stamina released quite a good studio work for its audience. If you like the genre of collective or sources of inspiration, but you are not yet familiar with Stamina, we recommend to take into account their recent album System of Power. Pleasant listening!

18.03.2017 09:14:42

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System of Power

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