Steam Powered Giraffe

Simple but atmospheric music...

Steam Powered Giraffe released a new album called Quintessential. The disc contains 12 songs, which took place on September 1 on his own label collective.

The American team of Steam Powered Giraffe is the perfect embodiment of all musical subculture called steampunk. Not only that, during the performance, the musicians picked themed outfits, makeup, and other props, and music itself gang absorbed the idea and concept of this phenomenon.

Quintessential became the sixth studio album by American musical formations, where Steam Powered Giraffe continues to combine styles such as world/folk, cabaret and rock. Steam Powered Giraffe is really unusual phenomenon in the music field, and the name of the new Quintessential speaks for itself. The songs were original and not conventional. The disc flies quickly enough, leaving behind an inexpressible feelings and emotions. Steam Powered Giraffe were again able to on the album alone fit a whole pile of all sorts of interesting stories that fascinate originality and how safely they are portrayed.

Quintessential American Group Steam Powered Giraffe clearly interest you, if you want to hear something completely new, what the music scene is really small. Simple but atmospheric and music awaits you on the Quintessential. Pleasant listening!

30.10.2016 11:48:15

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Steam Powered Giraffe

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