I want to put on the first place hits...

Stephen released his latest Studio album which was called Sincerely. Longplay was released May 10 at the Halfway House and has 10 songs.

Stephen Swartz, being not only a musician, but also a producer, after two successful singles that came out last year, released his studio firstborn. As regards the genre aspects at Sincerely, here the author all seriously confused. First of all I would like to mention electronic, which is pronounced as the basis of compositions and arrangements. In addition, the first American longplay artist has had elements of r'n'b, as well as alternative rock, as in the part of the song Line It Up.

Speaking about the quality of the disc, I want to put on the first place is not quality, and hit LP. Even cursory listening Sincerely for the first time, you just check for yourself with a dozen excellent songs that definitely enter with their motives to you in the head. Well, regarding quality by production even say nothing-professional work which definitely finds its audience.

Stephen from his studio album Sincerely confidently declares itself as a competent musician who not only knows a lot about making music, but also it properly gives your listener. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Sincerely, there are a lot of interesting things. Pleasant listening!

12.06.2016 16:40:32

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