Steven Tyler
We're All Somebody From Somewhere

We're All Somebody From Somewhere taketh his brilliance and wealth...

Steven Tyler has released the fresh studio plate we're All Somebody From Somewhere, which was released July 15 on Dot Records. Longplay consists of 15 songs.

Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, as well as permanent leader, Aerosmith released their first full-scale studio work. It is interesting to note that in solo oeuvre Steven Tyler took a course on country and country rock music. Until the last was not clear whether the author of the genre as much as it requires modern and variety trends. As you might guess, longplay sold an impressive circulation and took first place in the country chart for United States.

To begin, I would like to note that, despite the strict genre framework, longplay went a sufficiently diversified. Take only the first three songs. My Own Worst Enemy, opening the disc track, turned out to be a ballad and in no way hinted at possible dynamic development. With the onset of songs we're All Somebody From Somewhere mood album shifted dramatically toward the familiar country rock format. The song Hold On (Won't Let Go) generally blew off all sorts of covers. Heavy and stringy guitar sound made the song, and a slightly muffled vocals seriously supplemented languor paintings. And such unexpected turns on longplay missing.

We're All Somebody From Somewhere taketh his brilliance and wealth, and the voice of the famous Steven Tyler makes simply "good" album. Decent Studio work your attention.

13.09.2016 14:07:12

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Steven Tyler
We're All Somebody From Somewhere

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