Stitched Up Heart
Never Alone

Never Alone takes full hits...

Never Alone became a new plate for Stitched Up Heart, which took place on 17 June for Another Century. V plastinku voshlo 11 songs.

A young American team Stitched Up Heart after two fairly good EP albums, it reached full length release. Never Alone represents a mix consisting of gothic metal and hard rock, however, is not so simple as it seems at first glance. The disc opens the composition Finally Free and in addition to the genres feels some impact of modern metal branches. As proof that it is worth paying attention to rather low stroy guitars, as well as modern arrangements which are not dispensed with include electronics.

Never Alone takes its audience full hits right from the start. Finally Free, Monster and so forth on the list have explosive choruses, who largely owe their success not so musicians, how the vocal of band. Powerful couplet riffs, good sound and nice arrangements do their thing.

Stitched Up Heart and their debut full album Never Alone uniquely will please all fans of heavy contemporary music, as well as to those listeners who prefer female vocals. An ambitious and powerful work from a young team from the United States. All the fans In This Moment, Evanescence and Awaken the Empire dedicated to. Pleasant listening!

02.08.2016 19:15:08

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Stitched Up Heart
Never Alone

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