All the best, that developed a team for 30 years...

Stratovarius released their latest album called Eternal. The album was released on September 18 Edel Germany and consists of 10 new tracks.

Old-timers power metal, progressive metal released its 16-th Studio work, which does not stop the enraged Finnish metal composition. Eternal created in native standard for Finns, style. All the same machine-gun guitars, crazy, fast rhythms and high vocals, which evokes the epic mood around. Oh and where do without classical power metal, ballads, the album they made two final track: Fire In Your Eyes and The Lost Saga. The last song is particularly notable, in view of the fact that the duration of the composition consists of almost 12 minutes.

It should be noted that the inexperience of the Eternal, the emphasis was not entirely on the rapid and characteristic style guitar solos. Overriding item here simply does not exist. Riffs clearly gained more hard core, it is clearly audible in this track, as Feeding the Fire. If you carry out a more in-depth analysis of the instrumental constituent, then clearly it is possible to note a metallizing practically all material. Most of the tracks started to sound in the vein of melodic death metal, this is the structure of the guitar riffs. This fact certainly influenced the sound of the album and gave it a more solid character and dark atmosphere.

For true fans of the band, Eternal become flawless longplay for long periods of time. There are literally the best that developed a team for 30 years of his life, built and optimized under now. Nice to see that even the legislators of the genre like Stratovarius, trying to keep pace with the times, but also to preserve their identities.

29.09.2015 12:45:45

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