Surgical Meth Machine
Surgical Meth Machine

Music Surgical Meth Machine specific enough of and amateur...

Surgical Meth Machine released in light of the work of the same 15 April on Nuclear Blast. In fresh longplay entered 12 new songs.

A new, virtually unique musical project nowadays, musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist Al Jourgensen called Surgical Meth Machine, introduced his new creation. Surgical Meth Machine became the first work for the project of the same name, therefore this work will need to familiarize yourself thoroughly, because, perhaps, lays the Foundation for a future star at home.

Music Surgical Meth Machine specific enough and on the fan, but the one who agreed on this topic, definitely appreciate. Stylistics Surgical Meth Machine resembles a mix of industrial metal, psychedelic rock and electronic, that one without mentioning the other.

Ruckus diverse sounds and melodies are surprised by its diversity, its openness and unformat even by the standards of metal and some metal safe music. 12 exhilarating compositions will not give you neither sleep nor bored. Sound Surgical Meth Machine quite experimental, but pretends to be uncompromising some moments.

If you like not quite standard musical approaches, and like the theme of industrial music, the work of the same name from Surgical Meth should unequivocally to the Machine of interest to you. Pleasant listening!

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Surgical Meth Machine
Surgical Meth Machine

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