Schreib es mit Blut

Schreib es mit Blut is ready to pamper you in the world of the medieval era...

Tanzwut released fresh longplay called Schreib es mit Blut. It was released on July 8 AFM Records and contains 15 songs.

For the famous and inimitable german collective, Schreib es mit Blut became the tenth anniversary album. For those not familiar with the works of Tanzwut worth mentioning that the team plays in the spirit of folk metal with impressive elements of linear and uncompromising industrial metal.

With each new recording, Tanzwut shows to the world that they are invariable and are devoted to their ways. At es Schreib mit Blut, you can hear but typical for heavy music instruments, the enchanting sounds of music gear, such as bagpipes and a blood clot. But this does not surprise you, right? Schreib es mit Blut not bypassed the medieval Shawm, which gives this unusual common mix.

Songs included in the es mit Schreib Blut sound unusually, as befits a style group. Nevertheless, tracks were somewhat diverse, although sometimes insufficiently strong. Among the songs you can see the previously released single titled Stille Wasser, which was recorded with the participation of Liv Kristene. It is interesting to note that this song is presented on longplee in two variations-the first with vocals the Schreib es mit Blut Liv Kristene and another without it.

New studio work from germans Tanzwut called Schreib es mit Blut is ready to pamper you in the world of the medieval era, with its mood and atmosphere. Original work from the masters. Pleasant listening!

25.08.2016 10:36:43
Genres: Metal, Folk Metal

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Schreib es mit Blut

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