The Algorithm
Brute Force

A unique musical symbiosis reveals new...

The Algorithm release fresh studio album, which was called Brute Force. Longplay is presented in the form of 10 tracks, which occurred on April 1 FiXT.

One of the geniuses of modern musical Symbioses is back on stage with his loud and new release of Brute Force, who took third place in the discography of The Algorithm. On the new disc worked permanent Frenchman Remi Gallego, on whose shoulders and keeps everything that happens in The Algorithm. Brute Force continued to develop The concept of music Algorithm, the essence of which is to link the first such diverse styles look like electronic, namely drum'n'bass and trance to progressive metal.

Many fans feared that the new work from The Algorithm may lose his zest, but Remi Gallego tried so that every track you want to appear in your playlist. It is interesting that djent sound never disappeared, but only slightly and remarkable. Electronic component performed beyond all praise, literate samples, great genre jumps and stuff.

The Brute Force unique musical symbiosis is revealed in a new way, with nothing changing drastically in complex technical arrangements. And certainly it is worth noting that the work on this masterpiece, the author took a little less than 2 years, suggesting a indisputable talent Remi Gallego and The Algorithm itself.

The Brute Force from The Algorithm is one of the major events on the world stage this year, therefore, strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the creative effort of the French Maestro.

08.04.2016 13:56:58

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The Algorithm
Brute Force

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