The Amity Affliction
This Could Be Heartbreak

Will please group fans and fans of the genre...

The Amity Affliction released their new album, which received the name This Could Be Heartbreak. Longplay counts 11 tracks, which took place August 12 via Roadrunner Records.

For the Australian Quintet The Amity Affliction This Could Be Heartbreak became the fifth full-length album in the discography. This work of the musicians continued the idea of the previous LP, released in the year 2014. The album was mixed by the band and all the same Will Putney, so all fans of the team should be calm.

Stylistic direction This Could Be Heartbreak can be characterized as merging metalcore and post-hardcore. All previously released singles, which were later included on the album, fully opened the studio work and have left even the slightest hint of intrigue. Nearly 45 minutes of musical performances rush fast enough and attention may engage such tracks as All Trouble Up, This Could Be Heartbreak and I Brought the Weather with Me.

To a greater degree This Could Be Heartbreak turned out this kind of work, some of this thinking, as musicians and fans of the band-performed in a standard key Australian musicians, without much experimentation and innovation.

The Amity Affliction with their new album This Could Be Heartbreak definitely will delight both fans and fans of the genre. Good, professional disc, no frankly weak sides. Pleasant listening!

21.09.2016 12:20:16

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The Amity Affliction
This Could Be Heartbreak

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