The Browning

Chase away the boredom and give a portion of modern heavy music...

The Browning released a new studio album called Isolation. Longplay was released on Spinefarm Records on June 24 and has 12 tracks.

For the American band The Browning Isolation became a new work without shame takes third place in the discography. Musicians and not become a third time to change its own traditions and all the fans expects a fresh batch of original mix consisting of metalcore, out deathcore and electronic. The Browning already enslaved many for his experimental approach to the making of music and for the impregnation of the lion's portion diverse electronics in their music. On the Isolation you can hear edm, techno and trance.

Anyone familiar with the work of The Browning, there will be news that the electronic component group is revealed not only in the arrangements, but also present in pure form on some tracks. Isolation on the quality turned out to be slightly higher and better than its predecessor, but frankly nothing new can offer their audience. Powerful breakdowns, deep and catchy riffs, excellent arrangements, aggressive vocals and everything is successfully configured in Isolation.

The Browning with its fresh studio album Isolation, dismiss your boredom and will give a portion of first-class modern heavy music. Quite powerful work that deserves your attention. Pleasant listening!

21.07.2016 11:15:52

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The Browning

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