The Head and the Heart
Signs of Light

LP was really rich...

The Head and the Heart, released a new album, called Signs of Light. Longplay has 13 tracks and was released 9 September on Warner Bros. Records.

For the American band The Head and the Heart album Signs of Light became thirds studio album, on which they continued their musical history under the auspices of indie rock, indie pop and folk rock. It is interesting to note that folk component on the disc, disclosed in a sufficiently complete form, folk motives nice complement indie album component, giving it a richness and freshness of sound.

When comparing the Signs of Light with previous musical effort American Sextet, fresh longplay revealed those facets of the talent of the team, which had previously remained in the shadows. LP was truly rich and creative progress can be observed literally from the opening song longplay, entitled All We Ever Knew.

Signs of Light is full of catchy melodies, and this is perhaps the most important element is so open and easy plates from a young but highly professional musical collective.

The Head and the Heart with their Signs of Light ready to give your listener real emotions. Interesting and just nice work from American band to all comers. Be sure to check out the flame to the guys from The Head and the Heart, they definitely will surprise you. Pleasant listening!

20.10.2016 12:30:46

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The Head and the Heart
Signs of Light

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