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Cleopatra will appeal to those who like mild and measured music...

The Lumineers have released a new disc, which bears the name of Cleopatra. Delux version of the album contains 15 tracks, which occurred on the Dualtone Music Group on April 8.

American band The Lumineers throughout its life and activity sought to be avoided in popularity, but not hide, especially when that's appeared so deep and interesting record. Cleopatra was the team's second album, which was released after a long lull. Interestingly, The Lumineers went on to become one of the few artists that cover its laminae to successfully convey the mood, coloring and, actually, all of the material on the album.

Cleopatra turned ideological, as befits The Lumineers itself. This time, the Americans almost nothing stylistically distinguished from its predecessor. Your attention to the combination of indie and folk rock, which, on the one hand sounds very radioformatno, that will satisfy most music fans, and, on the other hand, delicious music. Literally every melody, every vocal line wants to eagerly grabbing ears and tense attention only would not miss important particle detail, which will affect the final picture.

The Lumineers with his second album Cleopatra will be the majority, and particularly to those listeners who like soft and calming music, but not devoid of character and American peppercorns.

09.04.2016 15:02:30

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The Lumineers

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