The New Pornographers
Brill Bruisers

The album can be recommended to all music lovers who love indie music...

One of the most successful Canadian indie bands recently, recently was a new album, the sixth in his discography. «New pornografy "were treated kindly by critics and listeners from the very beginning of his career. Despite this, they have to cope with an unexpected problem threatening the Vancouver group. The fact of the matter is that a few of its participants are successfully developing solo projects to which they give their time and energy (primarily for Neko Case). But judging by the Bruisers, the Brill was able to settle, at least temporarily. The album is a strong and solid; really worthwhile and important brick in the discography of The New Pornographers. A typical indie-sounding brewed on the traditions of the pauèrpopa, and a number of lead vocalists made a pleasant variety. Guitar sound is diluted with appropriate sequences and synth vocoder on voice in the vein of Daft Punk. Of the thirteen tracks (all of them are good in their own way) are the main Brill Bruisers and Fantasy Fools.

The album can be recommended to all music lovers who like indie music, but fearful snarlin' "representatives" of this style and not knowing which side to this beast to tackle.

02.01.2015 16:02:56

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The New Pornographers
Brill Bruisers

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