The New Roses
Dead Man's Voice

Solid road on the way to fun...

The New Roses released a new longplay, entitled Dead man's Voice. Studio work consists of 15 songs, which occurred on 26 February Napalm Records.

German musicians from The New second full-length album release Roses, which performed well all scrupulously, as before, but with even greater enthusiasm and parasitism. Latest in no way affects the quality of the material, but rather on the mood and nature sound fresh.

More life-affirming than new 15 tracks from The New Roses, you are not find, perhaps nowhere among the new releases. Musicians working in frigid enough, but at the same time broad genre - hard rock bands, and modern. In addition, fans of note, Dead man's Voice has a very specific taste of southern rock, which longplay sings quite differently than colleagues across the stage.

15 songs are a solid expensive towards the fun, and the only track that few dilutes all the ardor, is a song titled What If It Was You, well where did without rock ballads.

Despite the fact that the musicians are based in Germany, the entire lyrics of the plate is made in English, and in addition, note that the Dead man's Voice sounds very American and very in the south, it seems that even The New Roses, this redneck-musicians from Louisiana.

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The New Roses
Dead Man's Voice

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