The Scaramanga Six
The Terrifying Dream

Really quality work, on such a serious stage...

The Scaramanga Six released fresh album titled The Terrifying Dream. Studio work released 24 August on Wrath Records and consists of 11 new tracks.

For the English band The Scaramanga Six, The Terrifying Dream became the eighth full-length work without shame can take its place in the discography. 1995 year musicians proved themselves as artists who love alternative rock, fun from art rock and worship heritage of rockabilly, ultimately it was constant for creativity that has not changed and the fresh album The Terrifying Dream.

The Scaramanga Six have collaborated and published with the assistance of Wrath Records, and this is already the seventh time. Not changing the working horse, the musicians were able to calmly deal with the creative process and not worry about the quality of the recording. In the end, as you can see, the rock quartet time lost.

On The Terrifying Dream occurs most real and unexplained magic. When listening to the first few songs, rushes into account that Britons have started to exploit to the utmost the canons of progressive rock and add more in their creativity.

On The Terrifying Dream, you can enjoy a non-standard size compositions, unforeseen circumstances and even music elements first on atonality. Of course the album attracted his attention, and maintains it throughout the 11 tracks with two aspects: the lightness of sound and perception, unpredictability.

The Scaramanga Six exactly inspired creativity meters of Pink Floyd and similar, no less legendary bands, but your own sound character, musicians created drawing on the creativity of The Queen Of the Stone Age, as stated repeatedly by themselves.

If you like complicated, elaborate, but pleasant and easy, like fuzz, music, British The Scaramanga Six and their fresh longplay The Terrifying Dream will pleasantly surprise you. Really quality work, on such a serious stage.

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The Scaramanga Six
The Terrifying Dream

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