The Temper Trap
Thick as Thieves

Thick as Thieves have to like indie fans...

The Temper Trap released their fresh longplay, entitled Thick as Thieves. Delux version of the album was released June 10 on Glassnote Entertainment Group and contains 14 songs.

Australia Group, for whose shoulders two full-length albums, which become golden in the UK and platinum in his homeland, released the long-awaited sequel to his musical epic. Thick as Thieves, as before, is made in the usual manner for the team, namely indie rock with elements of alternative rock.

Thick as Thieves greets us the eponymous song, which sets all mood LP immediately and irrevocably. Guys, in general, sound enough on ventilator, but is present in their music its sparkle, the essence of which can be caught only with close acquaintance with his pad. Thick as Thieves generally rests on a single level, but at the beginning of the disc was present some compositional intrigue, closer to the middle, it completely disappears and you can easily predict further developments. Thick as Thieves have to like indie lovers, soul genre that stability is not tired of basic musical cliches. Longplay turned out really balanced, but without a particularly memorable elements.

However, Thick as Thieves from The Temper Trap must be heard by these fans and just those listeners who appreciate quality and simple music from real professionals.

26.07.2016 12:05:23

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The Temper Trap
Thick as Thieves

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