The Weeknd
Beauty Behind the Madness

The Weeknd makes no secret that the only inspiration for it serves as a Michael Jackson...

The Weeknd acquired fresh musical work, the name of which the Beauty Behind the Madness. The longplay was staffed with 14 tracks, which came out on August 28 on his own label.

Abel Tesfaye, who was hiding under the pseudonym The Weeknd is quite successful Canadian musician and producer. After the debut Kiss Land, which, by the way, was released in the year 2013, the author regained the same popularity. Many fans and critics waited album Beauty Behind the Madness, because the intrigue was at the highest level in connection with the announced guest performers, among whom Lana Del Ray and Ed Sheeran lyrics, whose fate had a positive impact on the overall atmosphere.

Beauty Behind the Madness is the brightest example and a benchmark of modern r'n'b, or in other words alternative r'n'b. The whole dichotomy is that author is suitable both under radio format and vice versa, will satisfy conservatives, because the album has some sound elements, which were popular several decades ago.

Beauty Behind the Madness probably can be put on a par with such beautiful works of Michael Jackson as a Thriller and Bad. The Weeknd himself makes no secret that the only inspiration for it serves Jackson that actually and clearly audible on the Beauty Behind the Madness. Good or not, judge, naturally you, but to challenge what the new album from The Weeknd is magnificent, you have not come out.

The Weeknd is doomed to success, because only he managed to combine new elements of contemporary r'n'b music and long forgotten character pop genre.

31.08.2015 05:46:37
Genres: Pop, R'n'B, Soul

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The Weeknd
Beauty Behind the Madness

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