The Wood Brothers

Paradise is fully dedicated to fans of fuzz guitars and acoustic ballads...

The Wood Brothers have released a new album, which was called Paradise. The album was released on October 2 and has 10 tracks, which was held at the Honey Jar.

For the American music band Paradise became the ninth full-length Studio and work responsibly can be called the best in the whole discography of the band. During his long musical history, The Wood Brothers have released quite a lot of high-quality works that were created at the junction of such styles as country, folk rock, and blues rock.

Majesty simple melodies surprises from the first seconds of the album. An interesting feature of fresh lonpglay from Americans is that The Wood Brothers are absolutely and totally tried to recreate the sound of lost years. The versatility of the compositions will hold its audience into thickets of ecstasy. Many tracks are presented in the classic combination of acoustic guitar and deep voice, in the best traditions of country music, but there are frankly blues themes drive which doesn't force you to sit in one place, too lively and rhythmic he looks like The Wood Brothers, an excellent example of this is the composition of Snake Eyes.

Paradise is fully dedicated to fans of fuzz guitars, which sounded at the dawn of blues rock, acoustic ballads, the spirit which handed down from generation to generation of American hard and just all fans of quality music.

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The Wood Brothers

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