Three Trapped Tigers
Silent Earhling

An unusual plate for true connoisseurs of unique music...

Three Trapped Tigers longplay released a new studio, which was given the name Silent Earhling. The album is presented in the form of 9 songs, which occurred April 1 on Century Media.

That's the second full album came from experimental band from England. The trio, who truly loves the noise, this time we have prepared for all 9 songs that categorically is little in order to get fully original sound. Perhaps this and it would be forgivable if the studio predecessor saw the light a couple of years ago, but before the Silent Earhling, Three Trapped Tigers were silent in almost five years.

Actually, Silent Earhling, Englishmen continue to experience the strength of noise rock with elements of math rock and electronic. So unique and boundless field for action, this was used even more pressure, and the results are fresh tracks. Compositions will give your listener very mixed palette of emotions and moods. Intricate rhythmic figures, and at first glance, awkward tunes, the overall picture will show you new musical facets that you add to playlist.

Silent Earhling of Three Trapped Tigers will become unforgettable musical performances, if you're open to all kinds of instrumental experimentation, for about a fateful assignment. An unusual plate for true connoisseurs of unique music.

07.04.2016 12:43:46

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Three Trapped Tigers
Silent Earhling

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