To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere

Restart creativity Thrice...

To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere for Thrice fresh album, which took place at BMG Rights 27 May. Studio work consists of 11 songs.

The American team of Thrice upon his last year's ninth studio work released by Manilla Road project To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere. It is impossible to say exactly what a large fan-base guys not yearned for fresh material for the past five years. Actually, the prayers were answered and Thrice again in the ranks.

If anyone remembers the previous year 2011 longplay Major/Minor was made in the spirit of art rock, experimental rock and post-hardcore. What surprise will befall those who first encounter To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere. Guys seriously changed stylistic boundaries and their fresh longplay is made at the intersection of post-grunge and alternative rock. The ninth longplay never faded slightly tearing vocals, which combine with clean vocals. Instrumental component, based on the changes of direction, has also undergone changes, but those who were to face himself Thrice.

Throughout the album felt extended influence on Thrice this gang as At the drive-in, though somewhat differently interpreted, not like it was on previous works. A restart creativity Thrice could not do without such a major change, but it is worth saying that they are made with the mind and should appeal to many.

29.06.2016 14:11:43

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To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere

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