Escape turned atmospheric and versatile work...

tiasu has released the fresh longplay whose name Escaped. The album was released on his own label on August 20 and consists of 14 tracks.

Too rarely to we get artists that represent such original and rather rare genre as chiptune. The latest work of young Australian electronic artist we just could not do not consider. Longplay took 11-th place in the discography of the musician. It is interesting to note that tiasu is by far one of the most respected representatives of the chiptune scene.

Fresh work Escape filled with one hand fairly typical clichés of the genre, with a distinctive sound and standard build schemes. However, given that it is disobedient, Escape, chiptune incredibly fresh and unusual. Meanwhile, Escaped fairly atmospheric and versatile work. On the album there was a place even for symphonic inserts in 8-bit processing, such as on the track Ruin. Generally Escape full of unusual samples, which obey organically, but if this does not occur the feelings of déjà vu. Tiasu happened to create longplay, which will not copy the ideas of the previous longplays or tracks, which are also included on the album fresh.

Escape from an Australian musician tiasu filled with emotions and feelings that are familiar to you since childhood. If you like such electronic direction as chiptune, strongly recommend to become acquainted with the tiasu and his new studio work.

22.10.2016 18:21:44

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