To the Wind
The Brighter View

The band's music sounded new colors...

To the Wind released a new Studio disc, which was called The Brighter View. The album was released on October 7 Pure Noise Records and consists of 10 songs.

Very often we have as an object of discussion groups that appear are representatives of melodic hardcore scenes. It is today the very rare case, because Americans To the Wind released its third full-scale plate The Brighter View.

So far, as of this writing, The Brighter the View is probably the best plate on the melodic hardcore scene for the whole of last year. The album sound perfectly expanded interspersed with metalcore, and all the tracks are picked up in longplee is simply incredible. Apparently the song included in The Brighter View, went through a rigorous selection, and the band's music sounded new colors.

Tracks that will be the first time in the playlist any fan of style - it Don't want to Know, the eponymous track of the album and Only Way. Vocals To the Wind also moved up markedly and now besides the chaotic clamor frontman gang hits the notes that creates a good impression. This can be clearly heard on the chorus part of the Only Way.

All show LP complements a minimalistic cover, ideological texts and good sound. We strongly recommend you to listen to The new album, Brighter View of American gang To the Wind. Fans of Counterparts and Hundredth. Pleasant listening!

03.12.2016 12:05:13

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To the Wind
The Brighter View

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