Tracktor Bowling

For fans of the album will be the undisputed holiday...

Tracktor Bowling released their new album, called Infinity. The album was released on September 21 Union Music and consists of 12 compositions.

Here is the sixth studio work came from the famous Moscow team, which stands at the cradle of all the alternative scene of the CIS. Novaya plastinka carries a huge amount of ideas that appear in the texts, which by the way, are performed in Russian language that makes the album simple and understandable for all of us. Submitted 12 tracks extremely strongly hauled by sound when compared with previous musical works group. Very dense and lively mix of classic rock band instruments will not let you get bored throughout the album.

With regard to the stylistic boundaries of the album, everything is very simple and quite banal-no innovations, alternative metal and %nu metal% at best. Despite the narrow-mindedness of genres, the musicians still managed to recreate a fresh atmosphere on the disc. Clearly the album, so to speak, leaves at the expense of seriously lethal sound better for similar styles, just don't create, rather than through the material. Music content though also quite good, but nothing serious. In addition, the disc also pulls out the vocals known Lusineh Gevorgian, just noticeably grew.

For fans of the band, Infinity will become the undisputed holiday, but to critics, the disc will become a major target for disputes. Unambiguous only remains the fact that Infinity displays our alternative scene to a new level and shows that in some respects, our teams can already compete with the Western market.

30.09.2015 09:42:24

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Tracktor Bowling

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