Painting With Dreams

Will give a portion of good mood and brighten up your pastime...

Tritonal released new longplay, entitled Painting With Dreams. The album consists of 14 tracks and was released on Enhanced Music Publishing on September 9.

The American duo of their Texas, for his musical career he loves not only produce truly new studio stuff, but various remixes of their work. This year, the lot fell to fresh full album called Painting With Dreams.

Fifth studio album Tritonal stylistically reminiscent of trance and progressive house. Musicians love to experiment within the style and often use samples vocals or invite various singers. On the last album among the guest performers, I would like to note Angel Taylor, Shy Martin, Nick Sibicky, Steph Jones, Jaden Michaels, Fred Page and of course Adam Lambert, who scored on one of the main hits of the album, titled Broken.

Painting With Dreams turned out to be moderately diverse but mostly characteristic for creativity, Tritonal and this is not bad at all. Good tunes, a great arrangement, celebrity guests, dance rhythms, the summer atmosphere and good mood. All these components without slowdowns went into Painting With Dreams straight from the music forges, where the main kovalâmi were Chad Cisneros and David Reed.

Tritonal with his new album Painting With Dreams will give you portion of good mood and brighten up your pastime other than electronic music. All pleasant listening!

04.10.2016 13:17:23

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Painting With Dreams

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