Tuatha de Danann
Dawn of a New Sun

New Studio work is happy with the all fans of folk metal...

Tuatha de Danann released their latest disc, which received the name of the Dawn of a New Sun Album consists of 9 tracks, which were recorded on Voice Music.

Tuatha de Danann pleased all his fans on June 29, because the Dawn of a New Sun is the first album the team for 11 years. Tuatha de Danann and their new offspring is a unique phenomenon of the metal scene. These European guys don't just play folk metal, and doing it differently, not because all.

At the Dawn of a New Sun at all would be a great opportunity to hear not only classical instruments in the rock world, but and bagpipes, sitar, banjo and some wind instruments. The goodies to us 9 compositions filled with pleasant and soft atmosphere, that after falling silent final track becomes sad and want to return to the world of Dawn of a New Sun again.

Bewitching vocals - this is the way to describe the voice of a person who is responsible for voice and text party music. In addition to stunning musical picture attached no less excellent cover, which surprisingly passes all the essence and the whole atmosphere which reigns at the Dawn of a New Sun.

New Studio work is happy with the Tuatha de Danann all fans of folk metal. Those who are familiar with the work of the team is not worth the long convinced that was worth the wait new disc 11 years, while those who only got acquainted with the musical formation, dare to assure that maximum spent productively musicians so long and have prepared a truly high-quality product.

1. We're Back (05:35)
2. Rhymes Against Humanity (feat. Martin Walkyier) (04:35)
3. The Brave and the Herd (04:23)
4. An Ultimato (04:30)
5. Dawn of a New Sun (06:10)
6. Sack of Stories (03:28)
7. Immrama (04:58)
8. Outcry (04:16)
9. The Craic (feat. Khadhu Capanema) (05:10)
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13.07.2015 17:36:49

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Tuatha de Danann
Dawn of a New Sun

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