V V Brown

Sinusoid mood fluctuates directly from glitch to this ambient...

V V Brown released a new album, called Glitch. It was released on September 29 YOY Records and consists of 13 fresh tracks.

For the British singer, producer and model work full of thirds became the Glitch where it continues its musical tradition. In the fresh album, V V Brown successfully pop and electronic mix and sometimes it is very difficult to understand what style still prevail and guide. Underestimate the contribution to the development of the electronic music scene V V Brown certainly cannot. Glitch can definitely claim to be one of the most diverse electronic records. To see this, one has only to compare such tracks as Fractured and Instincts, common among which is that vocal unparalleled V V Brown. Meanwhile, Fractured track perfectly may be called uppercase hit Glitch.

The album carries so sore the number of genres that perhaps stands to focus only on the basis of her musical tones. V V Brown deftly controlled with all music controls, that from the very first track in the State of bliss. Sinusoid mood fluctuates directly from glitch to this ambient, that pronounced the following tracks - Violet and Ultraviolet.

If you dare call yourself a lover of exclusively high-quality electronic music, we recommend that you immediately go to listening to new studio work by V V Brown.

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V V Brown

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