Terminal Redux

Complex structures, ambiguous harmonies and very unique combination of styles...

Vektor released fresh longplay, a name to which Terminal Redux. The album includes 10 tracks, which took place on 6 may on Earache Records.

Terminal Redux for American band became a full-fledged album thirds Vektor in discographies. Vektor is literally a unique phenomenon in the modern music industry. More precisely, they are one of the few who in his music combines thrash metal and progressive metal, thereby reviving such music as progressive thrash metal.

Be prepared for the fact that the full audition Terminal Redux you spend plenty of time. The duration of the LP has slightly more than 73 minutes.

Complex structures, ambiguous harmonies and extremely unique blend styles waiting for you on each track. In appendage to musical delights, Terminal Redux visually perfectly framed. The only thing which I want to warn, so this is from vocals. Perhaps some listeners will need a bit of time to adapt to a typical for thrash metal vocals, but not familiar to progressive metal.

Terminal Redux is extremely competent and judicious with the composer in terms of studio work. Not for nothing a lot of weighty publications put the album around 8 to 10 point scale in such a short time. So if you like something similar, complex, conceptual and innovative, the Terminal Redux from American metallers Vektor is what you need.

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Terminal Redux

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