Seal the Deal & Let's Boggie

Be of interest to all fans of the classic heavy music...

Volbeat released their new album, which received the name Seal the Deal and Let's by Boggie. Delux version of the disc includes 17 tracks, which took place on 3 June at Universal Music.

For the Danish band Volbeat Seal the Deal and Let's by Boggie became the sixth studio work, which they presented to all admirers of three years from the date of the issuance of the previous masterpiece. For fans of these genres like heavy metal and hard rock all the creativity of the gang can be safely regarded as exemplary. Actually, with the release of fresh LP, the band once again raised the bar for professionalism and prepared a lot of memorable hits.

Seal the Deal and Let's by Boggie though not many all sorts of variety, but is ready to give a present to fans a fresh batch of excellent music. It includes everything from classic by the standards of the genre riffs, awesome guitar solos and vocal, to contemporary sound and good arrangements.

At first glance, the disc may appear slightly overcast by the Danes, due to the huge number of tracks, but after playing the album has already begun, you abstract entirely from the outside world and follow with interest the whole story that Seal the Deal and Let's by Boggie.

Volbeat with its fresh plate Seal the Deal and Let's definitely by Boggie interest all fans of classic heavy music, from small to large. A good album from the masters. Pleasant listening!

06.07.2016 12:31:16

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Seal the Deal & Let's Boggie

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