Weezer (White Album)

Longplay leaves magnificent emotions after listening...

Weezer (White Album) Weezer has a new album, which was released on Crush Music 1 April this year. Studio work includes 10 songs.

Famous rockers from Los Angeles fired its tenth anniversary plate, we congratulate them. First of all I would like to note that Weezer manages to sound truly modern and dignified throughout the past years, but this time with the release of the eponymous plates only entrenched for the group name.

Say that Weezer (White Album) is good, nothing to say. 10 fresh tracks sound powerfully, as already stated, the modern, have great sound and energy message from the musicians themselves. On Weezer (White Album), perhaps there is no single item that can overshadow anniversary listening LP. In the appendage of all graphic component album executed simply and tastefully.

Memorable songs is enough for Weezer (White Album), but I want to separately mention the song called King of the World, which with its optimistic title was no less iridescent emotions and perfect pop punk tune. In addition, Weezer (White Album) perpetuated ourselves and other stylistic mark group, such as alternative rock, indie rock, and even elements of indie pop.

Longplay leaves magnificent emotions after listening. It doesn't matter whether you like the band or liking other genres, from Weezer (White Album) to familiarize just need for the studio work definitely hits the top of the most high-profile releases of the year 2016. Pleasant listening!

06.04.2016 13:56:29

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Weezer (White Album)

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